your time.

Say stop to puncture !


Prevention is better than cure !


The first definitive and repair anti-puncture gel and without any constraint of speed and unbalance.

100 % Made in France
has nothing to do with commercially available bombs that troubleshoot
but which are neither preventive nor restorative!
PROTECPNEU is involved in innovation that has led to completely eliminate the problem of unbalance; unlike these French and international competitors!
Tested by SGS
The world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification.
SGS report: "No unbalance or vibration when driving even at 130km/h".

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PROTECPNEU is a antipuncture solution that will allow you to anticipate any puncture, favoring the use of your tires until the regulatory wear. In addition to being very easy to use, our product has several advantages that will ensure you comfort, safety, time and money saving in order to take full advantage of your budget as an individual and your investment if you are a professional .

PROTECPNEU is used on tubeless tire or inner tube whatever the size. It is therefore suitable for all vehicles regardless of its weight: from the bike to the courtesy vehicle to heavy vehicles and civil engineering equipment …

Consequences of the puncture

Generally, you do not expect it and even less when you are active or with your family. Once it has occurred, the puncture generates a significant cost: loss of time, danger, financial cost, soiling.

In addition, immobilization of the vehicle can occur in a dangerous place (at night, far from a garage, on an isolated road, …). As a result, the puncture may end in an accident or an unforeseen event.


Before the puncture
Before the puncture
Before the puncture
PROTECPNEU has developed a preventive solution that injects into the tires to anticipate the puncture that can occur at any time.
After the puncture
After the puncture
After the puncture
PROTECPNEU is the only designer and manufacturer in the world to develop repair and final anti-puncture kits for cars and motorcycles. The kit consists of an inflator compressor and a repair solution to inject. It is used after a puncture.

Our product range

Range + 80 km/h

This range has been specially designed for vehicles (VL, PL, Utility, 4x4, Trailers, Motorcycles, Motocross, Quads ...) circulating on / off road and at high speed (+ 80 km/h). Its use has been tested by SGS. This is the flagship range of PROTECPNEU (the only French manufacturer of this product and approved for high speed).

Range - 80 km/h

This range has been specially designed for vehicles traveling at low speed (- 80 km / h: Public Works, Civil Engineering, Mining and Quarrying, Agricultural, Bicycles / ATV, etc ...). There is a similar range among other competitors who offer a product different from PROTECPNEU. Our product is more efficient (you inject two or three times less than the competitors) and you realize a real economy.

PROTECPNEU innovations

Auto puncture repair kit

The world's first revolutionary instant repair and final kit. Review the spare wheel !
Unlike some manufacturers who sell their product with the constraints indicated in the instructions for use (do not exceed 80 km/h and move towards the nearest tire professional), PROTECPNEU has no constraints of speed, unbalance (vibration) and has a restorative and definitive action for the tire.

Motorcycle-quad-bike puncture repair kit

The only motorcycle puncture repair kit in the world (autonomous cordless inflator and PROTECPNEU repair solution)
Since there is no motorcycle repair kit, PROTECPNEU has developed a special motorcycle kit with an air inflator without cigarette lighter, wireless and with a rechargeable lithium battery.

If you have any questions, consult PROTECPNEU Q&A.


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