Does the product repair the perforations on the side ?

No, PROTECT TYRE does not repair the perforations that would occur on the flanks. Only the tread is protected by the product.

Can I increase or decrease the pressure of my tires with the product inside ?

Yes, you can vary the pressure of your tires at any time. For specific short-term applications (eg 4x4s or rolling machines in the sand), handling of the wheel pressure will not cause the product to escape through the valve.

We strongly advise all PROTECT TYRE users to respect the tire pressure indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.

Does this product work on both tubeless and tubular tires ?

Yes, PROTECT TYRE works on all types of tubeless and tubular tires. On the other hand, the product is contraindicated if your tire is not in good condition or if its wear is too pronounced (exceeding the normal wear).

What is the maximum diameter of the perforation that can be repaired by PROTECT TYRE ?

PROTECT TYRE repairs perforations up to 9 millimeters in diameter. It is effective on the tread of any tire.

How does PROTECT TYRE work ?

The operation of the product is divided into two stages:

  1. In the event of a puncture, the fibers contained in PROTECT TYRE obstruct the orifice with solid particles by a natural phenomenon (air that escapes from the inside to the outside of the tire).
  2. The reticulars contained in PROTECT TYRE seal the fibers together by polymerization in the open air and fix them to the wall of the orifice. It is a chemical phase by gluing the fibers together and the tire is thus permanently preserved.
Can I inject PROTECT TYRE after a puncture ?

It is not recommended to use PROTECT TYRE after a puncture. The active ingredients of the product are effective in preventive mode. Indeed, the presence of PROTECT TYRE at the time of the puncture ensures the final repair of the tire during the perforation

I change my tire which is already equipped with the product, how to clean the wheel rim ? Is the product corrosive to my wheel rim ?

PROTECT TYRE is soluble in water. So, to clean the wheel rim, simply use a sponge or cloth soaked in water. The chemical compound of PROTECT TYRE is not corrosive to the wheel rim.

Does PROTECT TYRE alter my driving ?

No, PROTECT TYRE has been tested on high speed circuit and does not cause any tumble, no vibration unlike other products. An SGS certification has been produced in this sense.

Is PROTECT TYRE toxic and environmentally friendly ?

PROTECT TYRE is non-toxic. It is soluble in water and meets environmental standards.

Is PROTECT TYRE an anti-puncture bomb ?

PROTECT TYRE should not be confused with commercially available anti-puncture bombs. The latter serve only to repair after a puncture to the nearest place of repair. They are neither preventive nor remedial.

How would I know I was punctured ? Can I puncture my tire several times ?

You do not notice anything! If the puncture occurs, it is automatically repaired by PROTECT TYRE within a few milliseconds.

In addition, the product remains effective throughout the life of the tire (up to regulatory wear) and repairs several punctures. Just add an extra of product.

PROTECT TYRE has been tested up to 100 perforations.


I see a nail or a screw in my tire, can I remove it ?

Yes, if you notice an object planted on the tread of the tire, such as a nail for example, you simply remove it. Just after this operation, a little product will come out through the orifice. Simply turn the wheel once or twice for the repair to be permanent.

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