PROTECPNEU is an innovative company based in Bordeaux. We manufacture a revolutionary anti-puncture preventive solution. We invest a lot in research to always be at the forefront in terms of formulation and composition. Our goal: to provide you the best puncture protection for your tyres.

Tested by SGS

PROTECPNEU has been tested by SGS, world leader in certification, analysis and controls.

Established SGS Protocol :

Vehicle equipped with Michelin tires – 195 65 R 15

After the installation of two Michelin brand new tires at the front of the vehicle, 20 km were covered, then the tire was deflated.

The anti-puncture gel is then injected into each tire, the pressure is readjusted to 2.5 bar, then tire puncture using a first nail of 3.5 mm in diameter over a length of 3.5 cm and a second nail 7 mm in diameter over a length of 7 cm.

The first pressure check is made after 20 km then 40 km and finally 60 km.

The tests were carried out up to 130 km/h.

« No unbalance or vibration when driving even at 130 km/h » (SGS observations).
NB : unlike all other competitors who have failed to make it disappear.

PROTECPNEU can eventually provide the detailed SGS report.

Anti-crevaison testé par SGS


PROTECPNEU is based on a formula that has been developed for a few years. Its basic components have been modified to improve its quality and rectify the defects of the anti-puncture preventive products.

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